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Satellite tracking

One piece of gear that has greatly increased the safety of cross country flying in recent years is the satellite tracker. This device allows position reporting and text and/or email communication while out of cell phone service range.

CIVL safety handbook

A very comprehensive source for safety in free flight from the FAI (International Aviation Federation)

USHPA safety page

The Safety page from the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

BHPA safety page

The Safety page from the British Hang Gliding and PAragliding Association<

FFVL safety page

The Safety page from the French Federation of Free Flight and

LOTS of info, here is the safety subform

For for HG

Sécurité et vol libre

Reserve Deployment Articles

An Alternate View – Risk Management

Considering Controlled Airspace

Search and Rescue Initiation TC CA

Loss of Consciousness Due to G-Forces

Flying Within Your Limits